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Ship Broker Services

Unlike the traditional broker, who only plays a little part in commercial management, the SPG method to ship broking includes almost all aspects of it. It provides comprehensive ship-broking services with a group of brokers who are internationally trained and experienced. Samsara handles the selection and fixing of the most appropriate vessel, as well as communication with the agents, shippers, and receivers, as an extension of its principal’s office. Additionally, it guarantees error-free documentation to adequately safeguard each principal’s interests. SPG retains ongoing communication with its owners to solicit guidance and approval at every level.

SPG works tirelessly to provide a trouble-free journey and time charter performance. Even when it repairs cargoes for owners and operators. In order to ensure that the principal’s vessels opening in and around India receive the finest fixtures/employments, a knowledgeable ship broker staff is always at their disposal. SPG Shipping can immediately offer cargoes to principals and advise them on terms and conditions because of its close ties to Indian shippers and consignees. Additionally, SPG is on the list of authorised ship brokers maintained by Trans chart (Govt Authorities).