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Full services for logistics


Within the global logistics sector, there is a speciality service called project logistics. It combines conventional goods forwarding and transportation capabilities with special knowledge and abilities required for contract and vendor management, procurement, health, safety, security, and environmental compliance, as well as project planning and transport engineering. It includes comprehensive planning, orchestration, and sequencing of end-to-end shipments from suppliers to destination sites to ensure that all cargo converges and arrives on time. It also involves the integration of solution design, special cargo transportation, and project management services.

SPG- Project Logistics Services Includes :

  • Planning a project, including defining deadlines and requirements
  • Making sure that the delivery date and transit times have been adhered.
  • Examining and analysing contracts for logistics (e.g. shipping method, picking requirements, labelings, necessary documents)
  • The handling of risk
  • Costing and the creation of transportation concepts
  • Requesting quotes from freight forwarders, comparing them, and assessing them
  • A goods forwarder is chosen
  • Application of the logistics strategy with the transportation idea