SPG Group of Companies

SPG Shipping Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1998, by Mr Rajiv Gupta the third generation of Gupta family Since then it has grown as true leader in the transportation field in India with 60 employees, ten branches with a solid mission. Years of experience in international transport and project forwarding have strengthened SPG position in the market as the leading expert in international forwarding.

Our Mission

We make integrated transport easy and cost-effective for businesses and people.

Our Vision

We will be the leading Indian provider of integrated global transport services and solutions, recognized by customers as the provider of choice.

Our Values

Integrity: We mean what we say and always live up to our promises to our Customer. Our values and principles are never compromised.

We believe in doing things right the first time in order to give our customers the best possible service and to use our resources in the most productive way.

We believe in working together. Each member of the team complements and completes the others. By working in teams we create synergy, learn from each other and build strong inter-personal relationships.

We communicate openly and often, both internally and with customers, agents and suppliers. We share information and ideas with complete honesty and candor.

We expect and encourage productivity, creativity, initiative and passion from individuals and teams. We provide a work environment that supports and empowers each of us to find and express innovative ideas for growth or improvement and take timely action to prevent or solve problems. Our culture causes us to embrace SPG’ goals as our own, approach our work with enthusiasm and always give our very best.

In our business, time is very valuable. We are committed to providing our services and receiving or delivering cargo to customers on time, every time and we transfer this sense of urgency to our customers, agents and suppliers. We also apply the same urgency to the implementation of positive changes that contribute to our progress and growth.

We believe in building lasting win-win relationships and never exploit others unfairly for organizational or personal gain. We deal with our customers as we would like our suppliers to deal with us and we deal with our suppliers as we would like our customers to deal with us.

Courtesy & Professional Demeanor

We behave with courtesy and respect towards each other and towards customers, agents, suppliers and others. Disagreements or conflicts are always handled in a calm and dignified way.

Commitment to Customer Success

 We believe that our customers’ success is our success. Our customers’ input is the real driving force for change in SPG. We actively listen and respond to our customers’ requirements and proactively seek new ways to help our customers achieve success.

Strategic Management

We are focused on and committed to achieving our vision. We set clear plans to achieve our strategic objectives and implement and monitor them in a disciplined and coordinated way. We gather accurate and comprehensive information both internally and externally and use it effectively to drive continuous improvement and create competitive advantages.

Social Responsibility

 We have a duty to the society in which we live and work. We believe in contributing to the growth and development of our country. We are also committed to protecting the environment and natural resources.

Occupational Health & Safety

 We ensure proper protection for our employees, customers, sub-contractors and other visitors against injury and ill health and prevent damage to our facilities and to customer property. We are committed to providing safe workplaces, using safe processes and equipment, and carrying out all of our activities with minimum occupational health and safety risks.

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